Saturday, August 1, 2009

So grateful for your prayers and encouragement

I am deeply grateful for the outpouring of prayer support and encouragement for this trip from so many of my family, friends, co-workers and many very supportive people that I haven't even met yet. This trip had its' very beginnings about two years ago after I returned from my last visit to Uganda in 2007 when we built a Habitat for Humanity home near Mukono. A dear friend of mine from the insurance business introduced me to one of his long time customers, Audrey Foster of Shared Blessings. Audrey and I met and she shared with me her vision of the "Medkids" ministry for orphans with significant medical needs. We kept the conversation going over the ensuing months and we began laying the plans for a trip to Gulu to meet with Rev. Otto Naptali of the Keziya Orphanage in Gulu to begin the implementation of this ministry. Once the process begins of laying the groundwork these trips begin to take on a life of their own and this trip has been no exception. The groundswell of support for this trip and for the implementation of this ministry has been deeply encouraging to me to keep the process moving forward as guided by the Holy Spirit.

The Shared Blessings team has been remarkable in their gifts sent along on this trip for the children that they support and for the Keziya Orphanage in general. We have with us many beautiful hand made gifts and cards for the children. We also have with us a large assortment of much needed medicines for the children which Otto will greatly appreciate. The encouragement and prayer support from the many friends of Shared Blessings has been absolutely wonderful - thank you!

Our 2007 Habitat for Humanity team from First Presbyterian Church of Berkeley has been wonderfully supportive in their gifts and prayers for this trip back to Uganda. We will be visiting with the Fairway School and Orphanage in Mukono which our Habitat team adopted in 2007 and are continuing to support. We have cards and gifts from the team to present to Rev. Ottawa Solomon at the orphanage and we look forward to helping this orphanage with any critical needs they may have while we are there. We also have gifts from the team to present to our frineds at the Children of Grace ministry in Jinja which we continue to support as well.

My co-workers at The Sullivan Group have been tremendously supportive and encouraging to me throughout this whole process of preperation for this return trip to Uganda. The Sullivan Group also made a very generous donation during the holidays last year which went directly to support the needs of many orphans at the Keziya Orphanage in Gulu sponsored by Shared Blessings.

Lastly, my beloved wife Kathy and our children have been tremendously supportive and encouraging of this trip. I deeply appreciate the sacrifices that they make in allowing me to take on another one of these many trips for others. I could not even hope to go on another one of these extended excursions without Kathy's assistance in all phases of the planning and preparations. Her organizational gifts were instrumental in putting this trip together and to her, my lovely bride, I am most grateful for her unwavering support and encouragement. Thank you!

Blessings to each of you who are praying for this trip and for the implementation of Medkids.

Now it's off to the airport - we have a flight to catch!

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