Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Arrived into Kampala and heading to Jinja

I arrived into Kampala last night with no problem but the Shangri-La Hotel was unable to provide me a room even though I had a reservation. It seems the guy in my room left all his stuff in there so they didn't know what to do and had no other rooms. So I booked nearby in the Fang Fang Hotel which is cheaper but still a nice hotel. My dear friends Michael & Maria Ssansa came over for dinner last night - we had Chinese Food at the hotel restaurant which was pretty good. They both send their greetings to our friends who know them. I spoke with Bishop Zac and we will try to connect later this week when I return to Kampala. A little change in plans in that Michael and I decided to pick up the car a day early and we're heading to Mukono (Habitat house and Fairway Orphanage) and to Children of Grace in Jinja today. Then we'll come back tonight for one more night in Kampala before we head up to Gulu tomorrow. Driving here is going to be nuts but I still feel that it is an important next step in my acclimation to the country. My cell phone number is: (011) 256-077-469-9206. Remember that I'm 11 hours ahead of the states.

The World Food Program has been cutting way back on their food distribution in Northern Uganda which has been deeply impacting NGO's such as schools and orphanages here. That coupled with a drought in the area has people being severely impacted from the lack of food in the outlying and upcountry areas. I should here much more about it today as we begin traveling North.

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  1. Terry,

    Thanks for keeping us informed. We are glad to hear you are doing well. You remain in our thoughts and prayers.

    God Bless!