Monday, July 27, 2009

August, 2009 visit to Keziya Orphanage in Uganda

This Saturday, August 1st, 2009 I will be leaving for a trip to Northern Uganda to visit with the Rev. Otto Naptali at the Keziya Orphanage in Gulu, Uganda. This is my third trip to Uganda and my first trip to Gulu which is located in the Northern district of Uganda. The purpose of this trip is to implement the "Medkids Project" for Shared Blessings - an International Christian Ministry. See: The "Medkids Project" is seeking to obtain medical visas into the USA for orphans in need of significant medical care as a result of the LRA war in northern Uganda.

I have no immediate answers to the significant needs of the many orphans in Uganda and the surrounding areas. I do however, have a willing heart, open to walking by faith to seek out the Lord's will for His precious orphans here and to be open to His leading toward seeking solutions toward easing the severity of their plight. It is my desire to share God's wonderful love with them and to help ease their burden in any way that I can. I pray for wisdom and for Christ's leading me through the power of the Holy Spirit every step of the way.

I will be flying this time on Emirates Air into Dubai and then from Dubai into Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and from there into Entebbe, Uganda finally arriving on August 3rd. From there I head into Kampala to meet with friends there and to pick up my local cell phone and make final arrangements for picking up my vehicle for driving up to Gulu. I was planning on driving to Gulu myself but my dear friend Michael Ssansa Musoke has offered to escort me up to Gulu much to my delight as it will be great to spend some time with him on the drive.

I will be spending a week in Gulu visiting with Rev. Otto Naptali and his team and with other government and community leaders to get a better assessment of their situation and their needs. We are looking forward to connecting with the Invisible Children team in their Gulu office while we are there.

From Gulu I will be traveling back down to Jinja to visit with our good friends Abraham and Vincent and our friends at Children of Grace and then on to Mukono to visit with the Rev. Solomon Ottawa at the Fairway School & Orphanage which we sponsor. I will also be meeting in Mukono with our Habitat for Humanity homeowners, Frank & Agnus and their family, from our last visit there in 2007 when we assisted in the building of their Habitat home.

Finally back to Kampala for a couple of days to meet with the local USA embassy and other friends in and around Kampala. I return to the States on August 15th.

I will be posting updates to this blog along the way to keep those interested updated as to my whereabouts and happenings as we move throughout Uganda on this trip. Your prayers throughout are greatly appreciated!

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